Polished granite reflective finish surface is shiny and smooth. Its polish highlights the tone of the stone making it more visible.

The whole structure of it is clear in-depth, visible, and color. Polished marble gives a glossy mirror-like coat when finished, making it fine and smooth to the touch. You can get the services of stone floor polish online via https://thestonerestorationcompany.com.au/service/stone-polishing/.

Objects in high temperatures, like hot skillets and pans, will not damage the shiny marble finish. Its polished finish closes and seals the pores on the surface of the stone, making marble clean and free from staining.

It also helps marble repel moisture. If you're worried about how long marble will last before wearing out its worth, worry not, marble lasts for centuries.

Due to the hardness of the minerals granite is made up of, diamonds in addition to water is required to cut and polish granite.

Also, granite gets its fantastic durable properties from the minerals it's composed of. Compared to most man-made materials, marble is more natural, durable, and resistant.

The appearance of the stone is darker and its colors richer. The advantage that granite has is that it's nearly impervious to weather and chemicals.

Halls and foyers have become a few of the more popular uses of marble. The decorative appearance of granite has made it popular in many areas.

Granite is known for helping give any home or business a sense of professionalism, permanence, and strength when present within halls and foyers.

Granite makes for amazing kitchen countertop surfaces. Its tiles are popular for being the perfect element for backsplashes which gives personality and character to any kitchen.