The Cash for Cars market has grown rapidly in recent years as consumers have become more interested in trading their old cars for something newer. This is especially true with the economy being as it is, where people are looking for ways to save money and increase their purchasing power.

Cash For Cars In Ireland can be split into two different types, wholesale and retail. With wholesale dealerships you can buy cars from consumers and then resell them to the public. With retail, consumers dealership you can sell cars directly to the dealer. 

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The main difference between the two is that with wholesale, the dealer technically owns the car while with retail, the consumer retains ownership of the car.

Wholesale transactions tend to be more common than retail transactions because they offer dealerships a larger margin of profit. This is because dealerships typically pay less than $500 for a car that they intend to sell to the public for $5,000 or more. 

Wholesale transactions also tend to be faster because there is no need for paperwork or inspection of the vehicle. Retail transactions, on the other hand, tend to be less common because dealerships have to take greater care in inspecting the car before selling it to the public.

The cash for cars market is still in its infancy, and as the industry grows, it will become easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to get involved.