A wood router can be controlled the same as a metal one, but there are many CAM and CAD programs like Artcam and Mastercam. Bobcad and Featurecam are specifically designed for wood routers. CNC wood routers use computer numerical control (computer numerical command) and are similar to metal CNC mills. Professional CNC wood routers generally have the highest metalworking capabilities.

They are usually twice as large in terms of the size of the bed that is used. It can accommodate large sizes up to 12'x100". It has three motor drives system. These are the x,y, and z-axis which are used to drive the router motor machine through a scaffold system. The scaffold system either separates the x-y and z axes or the three-motor drive systems. 

Many CNC metal mills have a cutter motor that can move in various alignments. It will remain immovable if the tables are moving at x and y. CNC wood routers are easy to use and fast. The CNC wood router can produce any number of doors, from hundreds to intricately designed table tops. You can repeat the exact shapes and slices without any problems multiple times.

This is possible if you have not attempted it yourself or with help from other carpenters. CNC machines can transport products with better results, on a consistent basis, and with fewer errors, regardless of the quantity required. Many wood routers can also work at speeds of up to 25 m/min and are as fast as other machines that can move 40 m/min to 80 m/min.