The meaning of silo is the construction of a very high hole, pit, or cylinder, which is usually airtight and is used to store silage. Now apply this understanding to healthcare organizations as business models. So many of us talk about improving communication, but we don't correct the silo factor. 

Are department heads trying to fix things, or are these executives just worried about what's good for them in presenting themselves? You can also check for the best silo repair service via

Silo Inspections

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The answer is that good communication is not the role of one person or department, but that everyone in our company needs to recognize that they have a role in a series of interconnected functions that need to work together.

The reality is that we need dollars to run our business. In health accounting, department heads are not aware of the current performance of the organization because reporting of results is usually delayed by several months.

This business strategy helps maintain silos and thus communication barriers. It's time to find a creative accounting strategy and move to a department-free environment.

Some people with strong morals and values stand up for what they believe in, don't support change, and end up being rejected, while others accept whatever happens but still may not embrace the new business model.