Wheelchairs are wonderful mechanical or electronic contraptions for people with disabilities and mobility problems. The seemingly easy task of choosing the appropriate wheelchair can be a little more complicated than one would initially think.

This is mainly because there are actually a lot of considerations to take into account such as body weight, terrain, and specific needs of the user – which explains the fact the customized wheelchairs are becoming increasingly popular these days.

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Essential Medical Coccyx Cushion Seat Cushions

When it comes to choosing wheelchair cushions, it also requires careful assessment than just merely settling on the first one you get your hands on. This is not merely to address the patient's comfort but also for medical reasons as well, since they are confined into sitting position that can potentially damage the spine and result to other complications.

The rule of the thumb when choosing wheelchair cushions is to choose one that is no more than three fingers thicker to ensure supreme comfort and ease.

There are four basic types of wheelchair cushions that you can choose from: gel, foam, air flotation and the urethane honeycomb. Among the most popular choices are the foams, mainly due to its longevity in the industry.

The best type of foam would be ones that can provide maximum support while easily adapting to the shape of the user. While this is a viable option, the main downside of foams is the fact that it has a high tendency to wear out easily and lose its shape. This is simply not the one you want for long-term and heavy use.