Aquarium light is a complete lamp that you install in your tank. There are two reasons to have an aquarium light. First, to simulate natural light, your fish will fall into the wild; second, to see fish and plants and enjoy bright colors.

The tank light is for freshwater fish only. Freshwater aquariums only for fish are the most popular starting aquariums. Artificial stone and plastic plants decorate the tank without live plants. You can also buy kessil aquarium lights via Marine Depot.

The fun thing for beginners is that you don't need fancy lights because the fish don't photosynthesize! There are two factors that can improve your lighting choices. First, simulate the day/night natural light of your freshwater fish. Second, show your fish to show their colors.

Freshwater tank fish are popular native to tropical parts of the world, where they live in shallow waters and receive regular sunshine. Popular aquarium fish such as cichlids, gourami, and beta is great for new aquarium owners. For light bulbs, use a full-color spectrum light bulb to enhance the colors.

Your fish will be stressed and unwell during this unnatural light cycle. Don't leave the lights on for more than 8 hours a day on main days. The main reason people get confused about lighting for these systems is that they produce too much light and have algae problems.

Never switch actinic lights into your fresh water system – algae will breed. If you keep the light on for too long, it will stimulate algae growth. It is best to control the aquarium lighting on an automatic timer.

For the best aquarium lighting experience, get an aquarium light with a built-in moonlight. Moonlight is a cheap LED. The hybrid lamp supports each light source on a separate circuit. The timer can change any light to create a natural day/night lighting cycle, including light in the morning and evening.