Balloon catheters are widely used in various minimally invasive medical procedures, both therapeutic and diagnostic. These include stent placement, the opening of the blockage, and vasodilation.

As a highly specialized, non-invasive, high-precision medical product, balloon catheter manufacturing requires extensive knowledge. Continue reading to know more about the best medical balloon manufacturer.

medical balloon manufacturer

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Application Considerations:

Balloon Catheter Type: The main driver for balloon catheter design is its application. Various factors to consider during the design phase include the type of balloon, the type of catheter required, and the main features of the device.

Depending on the application, there are three main types of balloon catheters: Over The Wire (OTW), Rapid Exchange (RX), and Fixed Wire (FW). Each type offers its advantages depending on how each type of catheter is guided in the manner desired by the doctor.

Use of balloon catheter: Today, high-pressure balloons can have thinner walls, higher strength, and smaller profiles, and can be used in a variety of minimally invasive procedures. They can be manufactured in various diameters, lengths, and shapes.

Improvements in balloon design and technology give medical device designers more flexibility and allow the development of new and improved devices. Therefore, high-pressure balloons are used in various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

1. Cardiology, multi-point ablation, not just one

2. Urology, a combination of temperature sensors, offers the possibility of piezoelectric testing

3. ENT, sinus opening can be done with a balloon integrated catheter