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Is Crypto currency my best option into property development? written by our friend Yvonne

I’ve always wanted to enter the property market but never had the funds, skills, the time or the knowledge in order to do so. Because of this I’ve always watched from the sidelines. I would immerse myself by watching TV programme showing refurbishment projects and seeing how easy it was to achieve a fantastic return on their investment in such a short time. Also watching architectural programs and seeing how by the use of clever architecture you can take a building which was once a simple unassuming construction and help it become a modern desirable home.

But dreaming about getting involved in this exciting world was all I’ve ever been able to do. A company called Arcadia however seem to have answered my call. They have found a way to allow me as a small investor to become involved by raising funds through an ICO. The company offer me the ability to not only become part of this world (even in a small way), but to be able to access profits from the refurbishments they undertake.

Arcadia is based in Poland and will be developing projects within the Poznan Area. The CEO Artur, has a wealth of experience in managing such projects as a team and project manager. He realised the opportunity was there, but like us all he required the finances in order to bring his company vision to life. He began to
investigate ways in which he could bring his plans to market. Crypto currency offered him the best way to do this and to also enable smaller investors to not only become involved but to benefit from the profits made. Suddenly my dream I wanting to get involved in property development started to look like you could become a reality.

On further investigation and through my own due diligence into the company, I was able to see that he had a well thought out plan and roadmap for his vision. Not only does he have the experience required to take this project forward, he also has a very strong team behind him covering all aspects of the journey from legal architectural and constructional aspects.

I also wanted to find out a little bit more about the Polish housing market. This was fascinating and showed me how huge the opportunities are within the redevelopment market. Poland itself has in recent times quickly become a strong thriving country, with many of its citizens who once travelled outside the country to find work and a better standard of living now returning with money they’ve made and now look to invest back into their own country.

By taking the Company through the ICO route it means that not only Polish citizens can participate in this project but anyone from anywhere in the world can buy into it and benefit from a share of the profits.

The white paper looked impressive and well thought out. I checked out the roadmap and did the maths on how the company can not only make a profit but scale into the future. This all makes this a very exciting opportunity for me the small investor to fulfil a dream of becoming involved in property redevelopment, this not only allows me to do so but takes away all the hard work for minimal risk.

Now I just need to make sure that I get in as soon as possible before any larger investors find out about this nice little ICO company. One thing is for sure, I know that if I had access to high-level funds, Arcadia appears to be a no-brainer for going in big.

If you’d like to find out more about Arcadia read their white paper and join their official telegram group to ask any questions.




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**Disclaimer, this is not financial advice, any information given here is for your information only to support your own independent due diligence.