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The Polish property market goes crypto

Poland is definitely an up and coming country to focus on when looking for property investment. With low interest rates and property prices compared to the rest of Europe and a growing economy, this all makes a recipe for a good investment. The traditional way to become involved would be to save or raise enough funds to then go and do the redevelopment yourself as to hire a project manager will encompass all your funds. Today, the crypto market offers a very different but very accessible route into the market. But first let’s look at why the residential redevelopment market is a strong business/investment option.

Within the CBRE report 2017 ( it states that ‘residential property developers have at their disposal substantial reserves of ready to launch products tailored to the current requirements of clients in regards to residential properties. As long as the current pace of growth in the Polish economy is sustained, it can be expected that in H1 2018 the housing market will remain robust.’ The continued growth within Poland is also being improved by citizens who once travelled outside of their native country in order to forge a better income and lifestyle. Changes such as Brexit have encouraged some to return thus bringing home the money they earned to invest into property and lifestyle within Poland.

There are many reasons why getting involved in the property market is a wise move, here are just some of the Stimulators.

1/ Continuously high level of profitability of residential investments, where risks are possible to forecast and labour costs are at a competitive level.

2/A high level of professionalisation of the property development market which enables free transfer of capital and know-how, as well as well educated and qualified managers and teams responsible for completion of development projects.

3/Uniformity and stability of the legal framework under which property development operations are run, in particular uniformity of contractual terms for all market participants as imposed by the so-called property development act.

4/Increasing awareness and expectations of consumers encouraging property development to pay attention to the quality of the projects, ascetics and compliance with extensive building standards.

Due to the strict laws of paying VAT tax that currently stand within Poland, it’s vital that every development project has adequate supervision of the investment process. It’s vital that any development company has the required experienced individuals to deal with such matters. This can create high overheads for any development company in order to have these individuals in their team. This is where the Arcadia company comes into its own. Arcadia is run by a qualified and experienced project manager Artur Dudziak who has more than 15 years of experience managing construction projects and teams. This in itself brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project and also keeps the overheads of the company down to a minimum.

The polish government is fully backing the redevelopment of residential properties and the polish ministry of finance has created the REIT act which will come into force from January 1st 2018 but due to some tax legislation this will be fully available from 2019. This act does however guarantee only a 5% ROI in comparison to a potential 20% for private funds. Arcadia in form follows the essence of the REIT project but is only available to Blockchain purchasers and the profits will be shared equally in dividends as stated in the white paper. White paper ink.

Arcadia will also be run through the Blockchain and ICO process creating a new token in the crypto market. This is a very different, yet up to date method of raising funds for a new company whilst offering large potential ROI for its token holders. Not only can the purchasers exchange their tokens on the exchange but also hold on to them and benefit from the dividends paid on every completed property sale.

To find out more about Arcadia please read through the white paper and join the main telegram group to ask any questions you may have.

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**Disclaimer, this is not financial advice, any information given here is for your information only to support your own independent due diligence.