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The recovery of the housing market and a new way to earn from it through the Blockchain.

It’s certainly been a rocky road since the housing crash in 2008 when the whole world saw some huge losses in the value of property prices. Time has moved on since then and recovery is now taking place. People are beginning to gain confidence in the market and prices are beginning to rise. In Poland over one year there has been a 6.9% rise in secondhand house prices and over 10 years 8.7% Source Eurostat. This is all helped by low interest rates. The Polish market has seen a steady incline in housing prices over the last seven years.

The proportion of households in Poland living in rented accommodation is just 15.3% according to data from 2016 (Dolittle) so the residential market for buyers is considerable.

(Deloitte) -There are many different ways to invest your money, stocks and real state investment has generated consistent wealth and long-term appreciation for many decades. However, on the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the most important factor in the real estate sector is location.
Arcadia benefits from having not only an experienced manager within the construction field but also a knowledgeable local within the Poznan area. He has already spent many months prior to launching this ICO searching for the best located properties to launch Arcadia. With a well throughout roadmap, the figures for steady growth are very promising. Launching through an ICO, once the hardcap is reached, the project can be moved forward quickly due to having the identified properties ready for negotiation. Some of the properties can be seen here.


The Deloitte also states ‘Favourable conditions for investing were recorded in the majority of cities in Poland.
The average European union housing stock 2016 was 486.6 apartments per 1000 residents Poland however offers only 371.6 which is the second lowest in these European figures.’ This shows there is a great need for improvement in these figures to offer quality housing to the marketplace and ease overcrowding. In 2015, Poland had 43.4% overcrowding while we still see many beautiful, historic properties lying empty and in need of renovation. Arcadia plans to breath new life into older properties within Poznan and change the face of neighbourhoods into well-maintained market ready residential dwellings.

A prime example of where such a change has occurred is Lisbon. With many older properties falling neglected and neighbourhoods suffering because of it, there began a change as investors moved in to renovate these properties. Neighbourhoods once again became thriving and desired places to live. The properties were then being snapped up at very low cost and making substantial profits for the investors. This began the change in the pricing system, Lisbon is now quickly becoming a costly place to invest as developers found they had missed the boat. Arcadia has identified a similar niche situation with the polish housing market and aims to take advantage. Poland and Poznan in general, could be the next Lisbon.

Eurostat states -2016 turned out to be another record year in terms of transactions on the residential market in Poland, there were a strong demand and increase in prices on the residential market. Poznan is listed on one of the six largest markets within Poland during 2016.

Taking all the factors into account Poland is a place to take serious consideration regarding an investment opportunity and Arcadia is on hand to take the lead and secure the objective of not only improving life for its residents within Poland but to bring profit to this who wish to join this journey with them.

More details can be found about the project and the ICO from their webpage and white paper.

ICO official webpage

White paper





**disclaimer, this is not financial advice and this details given here are just information provided from reputable sources and our opinion. We recommend you read through the white paper as part of your due diligence.