If you are searching for an alternative to bottled water that is environmentally friendly, as well as affordable, then a good choice would be bottle less coolers. These water coolers combine the purification technologies with the appeal that a common dispenser has, so as to offer the drinking water that is best in quality. 

You can save money, time, and space with the bottle less cooler. You can buy a bottle less water cooler via https://clearwaterofnewengland.com/. It’s a green product that saves the plastic waste and energy and is environment friendly, as well.

The bottle less coolers include the combo of reverse osmosis, multi filtration carbon filters and/or UV ultraviolet sterilization filters. They are the best way to have pure and filtered water. Models are available to fit in your budget and space.

The installation of these water coolers is quite simple as installing a refrigerator or coffee brewer. After getting installed, this bottle less cooler once installed purifies the water in a multi stage system of purification. After the purification is done the purified water gets stored in a container of stainless steel.  In a similar manner, you can have pure and fresh drinking water without any worry about the bottles.