Buying property in Singapore is a complex area that can be difficult to understand. Therefore, getting help from a real estate agent is very beneficial, especially when it comes to finding the right type of house, apartment, or condo for you and your family.  If you are looking for latest updates on price on Pullman residences then you may contact us.

Buying property in Singapore: Things to consider

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Real estate in Singapore is sold either by lease or freehold. Leasing means that the owner can own the property permanently, whereas the term provides for a specific term of ownership, during which the property is returned to the state after the term expires.

Regarding foreign ownership, foreigners have been allowed to own property in Singapore since 2005. Properties such as residential units or apartment buildings are referred to as property rights and do not require approval from the Singapore government.

However, buying a property in Singapore requires approval from the Singapore Land Administration if the property consists of lands such as bungalows and houses.

The foreigners covered by the Housing Development Board are not permanent residents or companies; they cannot buy executive cooperatives that come from the free market. Instead, they have to contact the developer.

When buying a property in Singapore, finding the right type of property is part of the game. Enlisting the help of a professional real estate agent is very helpful as they not only provide proper documentation for everything but also have pre-existing knowledge of the Singapore property market which will make your choice easier.

When choosing a broker, you can ask the Real Estate Institute about intermediaries. Getting an attorney's help is also important when buying a property in Singapore.