Craft beer is expanding rapidly in the rest of the world, it's essential to understand exactly what craft beers are and the reasons why it's crucial to drink and support the best craft beer in Australia.

What exactly is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a beer that is a type of beer not produced at one of those large "mega-brewery" corporates. Most of the time when the term craft beer is used, that is what it refers to.

Craft Beer Preference Questionnaire Survey

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Craft beer is a brewery that is "small independent, self-sufficient traditional, and small".

Craft beer is good for you for these reasons

  • You're helping small companies succeed.

You're supporting tiny, and more crucially, local businesses when you consume craft beer. You can help the craft beer sector develop by supporting your local breweries.

  • A wide range of flavors are available

When you drink craft beer, you're simply allowing yourself to sample a wider range of tastes and flavors. Craft breweries have the advantage of being able to experiment with new and unusual beer concepts. Smaller breweries gain attention when you support them. This allows brewers to make more unique beers using components that commercial breweries do not, giving us a wider range of beer flavors to pick from.

  • Craft beer tastes better

Contrary to mass-produced "big brewery companies" Craft brewery owners are less focused on stock prices and marketing instead on the taste and quality of their beer. Similar to the previous paragraph craft brewers have the opportunity to explore recipes, flavors, ingredients, and flavors. and are constantly striving to create innovative beers that are distinctive but, most importantly, taste great.

  • Food and drink matchings

The pairing of beer and food has been a major fashion in both the craft beers industry as well as the food industry. Knowing the profile of a beer and pairing it with certain flavors can improve and enhance the taste of a meal.