We all desire to be in an atmosphere that is well managed and is completely freed from all the ill methods but we ignore our responsibility and obligation towards it. People like us are involved in such methods; we ourselves are accountable for developing such an atmosphere. Developing efficient procedure can again be very beneficial in working with such exploitation at the workplace.

Developing and applying the requirements of conduct:

Codes that deal with such exploitation must be documented so as to fix such concerns.

Training and raising awareness:

People must be determined about their public social standards and also actions must be taken to practice individuals, and create resources that help in awareness. Sexual harassment training can also play an essential part in raising awareness among employees. You can also pursue workplace sexual harassment prevention training from companies like Harassment Alert.

Research and information collection:

If the information is collected on a consistent basis the appropriate action can be taken and also this history will help to check whether the program is being developed if they display any good results or not.

Victim support mechanisms:

To help the affected individuals, a procedure must be recognized because this will help in decreasing harassment.

Other actions such as issue procedure, the analysis must also be performed as this will help in offering a more secure atmosphere to women.