While suffering from extreme heel pain, silicone heel cups can add an extra layer of comfort and help to alleviate the pain permanently. Silicone heel protectors reduce shock and vibrations on joints. It’s made of molded medical grade soft silicone with a soft center to reduce sensitive heel pain.

So if you are suffering from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, cracked heels, or heel spurs then using heel silicon pad from LifeBalance Foot Care  is always a plus point. Experts also suggest going with silicone heel sleeves which always depends on your comfort. If you are comfortable with heel pads then keep on using that is the best option.

silicon heel pad

Benefits of silicone heel cups:

  • Reduce sensitive heel pain

  • Reduce stress & pressure on joints

  • Fix incorrect walking posture

  • Absorb shock

  • Optimum pressure distribution

These are the benefits of silicon heel cups. Many people choose to use hard plastic heel cups for plantar fasciitis or heel pain but study shows that it can even be more dangerous for your foot health in the long run. The heel cups are made with silicone to eliminate odor and last longer. Men and women can both enjoy these inserts for comfort and support.

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