Consider implementing these trends into your executive resume as a means to differentiate your leadership abilities:

1 – A touch of color.

While color can appear to be a massive stretch to get a resume, it may also be an important tool that makes certain elements stick out.

For instance, a dash of red used in the boundaries of a resume for a financial professional (such as a finance director) will help set off different portions of the document.

This technique is especially beneficial for resumes that are packed with detail, so as it could encourage easier readability. You can get interview winning executive resume via

In the event, you choose to incorporate color on your executive resume, begin with only a border or headline to get a sense of the match against your accomplishments.

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Obviously, you will need to make sure that the color is used correctly.

2 – A branding announcement.

Among the best-kept secrets of professional resume writers, a headline or branding statement lets you put one of your best strengths front and center in your resume – permitting employers to quickly see the impact of hiring you.

As an example, the branding mantra" Driving Multimillion-Dollar Revenue – in Aggressive Markets – Using Advanced Distributor Support" can be used to differentiate a sales leader who might have gained ground against rivals that constantly tried to infiltrate his/her accounts.