When it comes to choosing a cat back system for your street WRX, there are a few things you should consider. First, the exhaust system must fit properly on your car. Second, you need to make sure the system you choose will clear the wheel well and give your car the look it deserves. Third, think about how loud the system will be—you don’t want to be hearing it from miles away. Here are some tips for exhaust systems online:

1 Get clear speaker wire if you want to upgrade your sound system or have a better exhaust note. You'll have more options for creating customized sound profiles for different driving situations, and you'll have better control over the sounds coming from each individual speaker .

2 Upgrade your power steering system if you are using original equipment. The upgraded components are more efficient and will enhance gas mileage as well.

3 Get a new set of tires for better handling and better grip on the road.

4 Consider an aftermarket automatic transmission fluid filter kit, which is one of the most important parts of an automatic transmission in order to keep it running at peak performance.

5 Replace the exhaust pipe. It is not only critical that you get a high quality product, but also that you get one with a good warranty so that you can be sure it will hold up over time, and will not become damaged or rusted over time due to poor installation.

If you commute regularly, a quiet cat back might be best for you. If all you do is track day setups and don’t mind a little more noise, go with a louder system like an X-pipe or SFI performance exhaust. Whatever decision you make, take into account your driving habits and style so that your street WRX looks its best while keeping acoustics in mind.