If extraction of the wisdom tooth is needed to alleviate a patient from discomfort, they must know how it works. A dentist or facial surgeon can remove painful or damaged wisdom teeth. If you're considering having all the wisdom teeth removed at one time, you could also be at risk of complications that could arise later. 

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It is not unusual for oral surgeons to suggest the treatment with IV Sedation to lessen the strain on the patient during this kind of procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Method

On the night before tooth extraction, it is crucial to avoid eating or drinking any alcohol after midnight. This will help you prepare for the possibility that the anesthetic you are using could cause vomiting and nausea.

If no otherwise, IV Sedation is used before commencing the procedure, The dentist applies a local anesthetic to the area close to the tooth to be extracted. If multiple extractions are planned, a type of general anesthetic could be applied. This kind of anesthesia will let the patient sleep during the procedure, which makes the job of the surgeon simpler.

Removal of the wisdom tooth requires a dentist to cut the gum tissue and take out any bone surrounding the tooth. Sometimes, the dentist will need to break or cut teeth into small pieces to make the removal process simpler.

After the tooth has been removed, the need for a stitch or a small number of stitches could be required. Most often, dissolvable stitches are used for tooth extraction, making removal at a later time not required.