The fleet vehicle camera system is a perfect example of how technology has made our lives easier. With an easy-to-install camera, your fleet vehicles can have 24/7 protection. This article explains what every driver needs to know about the system and some of its key features.

The fleet vehicle camera system is a new technology that allows law enforcement to monitor the movement of vehicles in a fleet. Law enforcement agencies often use FVC systems to identify and track unauthorized vehicle movements. FVC systems are an excellent tool for law enforcement to gain situational awareness and prevent crime.

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The fleet dash cam uses a vehicle-mounted sensor unit, which includes a built-in GPS tracker and an onboard computer with a built-in video recorder. The FVC unit provides the following services: real-time video recording in high definition, video playback of recorded video, location tracking, event recording for later review, and automatic time-lapse recording.

Most FVC units allow for the integration of additional equipment such as license plate readers, radiation detectors, etc., that can be used to provide even more accurate location data. The FVC system has many applications including the detection and prevention of crime.  A dash cam is a small camera that mounts on the front or side of a car or truck. It records video and audio of what happens in front of the vehicle, including traffic accidents, collisions, and other events.