Talking about business, B2B (business-to-business) portals have developed as a viable alternative for advertising and doing business online in a much more affordable and cost-effective approach. B2B portals are also known as e-marketplace. They allow buyers and sellers to connect with each other and help them develop new business relationships.

Through the use of various tools and services, these sites allow buyers and sellers to communicate and generate business inquiries. How can one get the most inquiries and responses for products on a B2B portal? Here are some tips to help you get maximum product exposure and positive business response.

Registering/ listing your company on any business-to-business merchant tool is the first and most important step. Most B2B portals offer free registration. Some portals charge a small fee to list the company. Fill out a simple registration form and provide accurate information about the company and business to help potential business partners respond.

B2B Portals

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Although free members have limited access to the site, they can still learn how it works before becoming a paid members. A paid membership is available to receive additional benefits and services. B2B portals permit users to upload up to 10 products, along with photos and specifications. 

B2B portals offer many other paid services, such as featured products and catalogs, websites, trade show promotions, credit reports, and more. Before you decide to pay for any paid service, it is important to assess your budget and requirements. B2B portals can be promoted well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. This allows for maximum visibility of any company/product at the global level.