Party entertainment has always been popular at events. Not only brides want their guests to dance, but they also want them to be entertained. Last year's trend saw married couples employ ethnic dancers, cover bands, and even their favorite bands to entertain their guests during cocktail hours and receptions.

Best party hire in Melbourne  has grown in popularity this year and we have some tips to make your reception a pleasure.

Great Ideas for Party Hire In Melbourne

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1) Involve the experts –  If you're having a wine-themed reception, ask your sommelier or bring a wine expert to each table to explain the wines available and answer questions. If you're having a casino themed party, hire an expert to provide instructions and advice on how to play.

2) Capture the moment with photo and video booths – Photo booths are always fun, and renting a photo booth allows your guests to take photos of their evening. Additionally, guests can leave messages for the bride and groom in the video booth – it's a modern alternative to videographers traveling from table to table.

3) Create a spa in the bathroom for your guests to enjoy. It doesn't hurt to indulge a little. Surprise your guests with make-up, manicure, and freshen up space in the guest toilet.

4) Finally, the dancers at the reception make a list. Whether you're walking with an ethnic group, ballet, modern, tap or jazz, people will love seeing them in action.