So you're having a party and you've chosen your venue. If your venue has its own tables and chairs, that's great. One less thing to worry about so that you can concentrate on choosing your linen colors or your menu selections.

Here are great tips to help you with your:

1. Know your venue's delivery and pick-up restrictions.

Some places are great and have a lot of storage space that allows us to drop off the tables and chairs the day before your event and pick up the items the day after your event. But, other places that have strict guidelines and no storage space can cost you more money. You can also get chairs for rent in Vancouver easily.

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2. Know who is providing the labor and how much it costs.

Will the crew at your venue set up and take down the tables and chairs for you? Most venues do (which is great), but there are some that do not include this service.

Make sure you ask your venue if that is included. If it is not included, there is an additional fee for set-up and take-down.

3. Know your drop-off location.

Does the rental company deliver to a loading dock or back door and the facilities personnel take it from there? Or does the rental company need to bring the items up to six flights of stairs, go 50 feet, turn the corner, etc.?

It is important for the rental company to know where the drop-off is because it does take a lot more time and labor to bring the items 100 feet compared to unloading 5' from the truck. This information may also affect your cost as well.