It's not good if your pet has been asleep forever. They look for urns to preserve their remains in a unique way; handmade wooden jars can be of use to you. A variety of handcrafted wooden jars are available to suit your needs.

Traditionally handcrafted jars will rank first in this regard. Available in three different colours and variants. You can place decorations in it along with the text of your choice. You can also put pictures of your favourite pets in handmade memorial urn.

Also, they are available in various shapes and sizes. Choosing the right posture will bring lasting knowledge to the friend you just lost.

Handcrafted wooden jars are also available in a variety of colours, each depicting its own individuality. Light oak is used to complement handcrafted wooden jars, as well as hardwoods ranging from mahogany and cherry to birch varieties.

Each of them will set the tone of the most memorable exhibition with a unique quality. In general, those looking for a modern look tend to buy lighter oak varieties as their first choice.

Durable jars are also possible with metal materials such as stainless steel, brass, bronze and others. Although this type of elegant handmade wooden jar is still liked by some people. Handcrafted wooden urns aren't just for vases, many funeral homes also offer wooden urns in a variety of finishes, often made of cultivated marble and oak.