What is the Meaning of a Per Diem Job?

Have you ever considered working per diem? Not sure what per diem actually means? “Per diem” is Latin for “per day” or “for each day.” In healthcare, it is a type of position in which the professional’s work hours vary from week to week, depending on how much the professional prefers to work and how much work the facility needs. 

Many medical professionals work per diem to pick up some extra money in addition to their full-time positions, but others choose to only work per diem shifts without having a full-time job. You can per diem clinical training from the organizations like The Clinician Exchange

What Is The Difference Between Per Diem and Part-Time?

In the world of travel nursing per diem vs part-time can become rather confusing, especially when different state laws are in the mix. Generally speaking, part-time employees are placed on the schedule, just less than their full-time counterparts. 

Per diem simply means “as needed.” You are never guaranteed hours a per diem employee unlike full-time and part-time employees. However, you might work just as much as a full-time employee. You are typically used as a substitute for vacations, sick days, and any other reason a facility might be short-staffed.

How Many Hours Can a Per Diem Healthcare Employee Work?

The amount of hours a per diem healthcare employee works varies from week to week. There is no per diem schedule because as previously mentioned, anyone on a schedule is considered part or full time. 

As a result, there is no limit on how many hours a per diem employee can work. The time they put in will depend on the needs of the specific healthcare facility that week. Generally speaking, per diem employees won’t work as much as full-time employees.