The hair growth cycle is in a continuous loop. There are three stages in the growth cycle and every individual hair goes through these stages independently. 

Although it may seem like it takes a while to grow long hair, there are steps you can take that will help speed up the process. There are many affordable and easy ways to make your hair grow faster, whether you use homemade or store-bought products. You can also look for the best fast hair growth products via

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These are some options you might consider:

1. Mira herbal oil is great for the fast growth of your tresses and to prevent hair from falling out too. This can be used to replace coconut oil and almond oil especially if you prefer herbal oils.

2. Massaging your scalp in little circles will promote growth and help to prevent your tresses from falling too. It stimulates the blood through the scalp and follicles and helps you encourage fast hair growth.

3. Take vitamins needed for hair growth, like vitamin A, C, zinc, biotin, vitamin E, and MSM. You can also try taking silica drops for hair growth too.

4. To encourage fast hair growth, condition your hair more than you shampoo it. Only wash your hair twice a week or so, and the rest of the time rinse it out with just water. Use protein and biotin-based conditioners; as well as organic versions. The Mira herbal line is great for this.