Having a life insurance claim denied can leave you feeling frustrated and angry. After a denial, it might be time to hire a lawyer to help you with your claim. Many life insurance claim lawyers specialize in helping individuals obtain life insurance settlements for which they've previously been denied. These attorneys help clients:

  • Complete claims paperwork as required

  • Submit the new paperwork to the appropriate department at the insurance company

  • File any additionally required paperwork

  • Answer any questions or inquiries the company submits

Their goal is to help their clients obtain the settlements to which they are entitled, and many do not charge a fee for their services unless they are successful in their efforts on a client's behalf.

life insurance claim

When interviewing these lawyers, inquire into:

  • How many insurance claims they've handled and how many have been successful

  • The companies they've pursued claims against in the past on behalf of clients

  • How many insurance claims they've litigated in state and federal courts

  • The lawyer's normal process for handling claims they agree to undertake

  • The length of time the normal claims process takes

  • Their fee structure and when payments are due

  • Whether you can speak with former clients

These are the things you need to inquire about before hiring a life insurance lawyer in Texas. Having a lawyer help you with your life insurance claim after being denied requires that you and the lawyer be open and honest. Select a lawyer with whom you think you can have a good working relationship for a lengthy period of time since some claims may take several months to manage.