According to The Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of the word "miracle is: " An extraordinary and thrilling phenomenon that is not explained by natural or scientific laws. This is the reason why they believe it's the result of supernatural power."

The Quran is an amazing book. It's unlike anything else you've ever read. This is the word of Allah, God, in the Arabic language. There are many instances of evidence that support the validity of this statement. Quran is holy scripture that's an absolute wonder in its own right. If you're comfortable with the basics and you have the option of taking an online Intermediate Quran class, it will assist students to learn to read and retain The Holy Quran with advanced skills and speedy word methods of translation.

Learn the Quran in 3 Hours: Learn the Noble Quran in Just 3 Hours

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Here are some amazing aspects that are contained within the Quran:

The Quran is written in the Arabic language, but no author (Arab or non-Arab) has been able to create a text that is comparable to the beauty and power of the Quran using the same alphabet in the same style and language.

Another reason is that there's no contradiction in the Quran. The Quran remains in its entirety word-for-word for hundreds of years. It's just as accurate and reliable like it did when was first discovered over 15 centuries years ago. There is no sign that it will ever alter. The one book that has remained unchanged for that length of the period.

It is said that the Quranic Text is a miraculous act of God. Every miracle is performed by God who is the only all-powerful and all-knowing God even those things that we often blame on other people or things.