Permanent laser hair removal uses a fairly popular technology to remove facial or other body hair. Diabetics are confused about their eligibility for treatment.

Many people think that people with diabetes are not good candidates for this. However, this is not true. Because the treatment is minimally invasive and heals very quickly, dermatologists recommend it to people with diabetes. For more information on permanent hair removal, please visit

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How it works

The method of permanent hair removal treatment for diabetics is the same as it is for other patients. There is no special procedure. Laser surgeons focus a laser beam on the dark hair pigment melanin. Energy goes to the roots and spreads in the form of heat.

This excessive heat damages and affects hair follicle growth. After the repeated intervention, the roots can be completely destroyed and there is no chance of hair growth.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects of permanent hair removal in diabetic patients are no different from other patients. If the blood sugar level checks after treatment, the recovery is almost the same. Redness, slight skin, and slight irritation can last for several days. This is completely normal and you don't have to worry.

How often can diabetic patients be treated?

And for people without diabetes, experts recommend repeating the permanent hair removal procedure for facial hair every 4 weeks.

It's a good idea to repeat the process for body hair every six weeks. Diabetics can follow the same frequency. A minimum of six and a maximum of ten repetitions are offered. Any abnormal symptoms should be reported to a doctor immediately.