A good knife is essential for any type of cooking. To make your cooking experience more enjoyable, you need a good kitchen knife. A good knife can complement your particular palette and sensibility. No matter what you are looking for in a knife, balance and weight should be the first thing that you consider. 

These are the top characteristics consider important and you should take them into consideration:

A good tang

It can be used in either full or partial tang. A traditional cutlery knife has a full-tang, which extends into the grip and through it. This gives it strength, balance, and comfort. A full tang is the part of the knife whose handle conforms to the knife's shape according to the outline of its tang.

Forged blades

High-carbon stainless steel is used to forge the best kitchen knives. It resists corrosion and crust. The process involves heating a steel blank to high temperatures and then pounding it with a drop-forge. Forging is meant to provide a longer-lasting, more durable cutting-edge retention, weight, and balance. 

The edge

It is important to consider the edge. Convex and concave blades can serve different purposes. However, I find convex blade profiles that taper from the thicker spine down to the edge in a straight line to be more useful. 

Secure handles

High-quality knives have well-balanced hands. The whole knife should feel comfortable to hold and should feel like a part of your hand. There should be enough space between your fingers and the surface you are cutting. The handle should be comfortable to hold and should be in balance with its blade.