Sometimes understanding the Bible itself can be more difficult than it first appears. First of all, the Bible was written more than a few thousand years ago. That means a lot has changed since then. Also, the things that happened in the Bible happened in countries that changed after the Bible was written and in places where most people have never been and probably never had the opportunity to visit. For one or more reasons, it is sometimes helpful to seek help in understanding the Bible.

Choosing a Bible encyclopedia is a good first step. However, choosing the right encyclopedia for your specific needs can be problematic. A good example of a good Bible encyclopedia that is not too complicated is the Zondervan Bible Picture Encyclopedia. This encyclopedia consists of five volumes. You can find about the Bible demographics in this encyclopedia.

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As you can imagine, this illustrative encyclopedia contains many photos and illustrations. This includes full-color and black-and-white illustrations, charts, graphs, and maps. The many pages of images are accompanied by 7,500 articles that provide information on the doctrine, themes, and interpretations of the Bible. Composed of two hundred thirty-eight contributors from around the world, this encyclopedia is the result of ten years of research, preparation, and compilation. This Bible guide has just about everything.

This Bible encyclopedia is intended for families, students, and laity, not just theology students. It is easily described for easy reference, and the photos and other illustrations in this encyclopedia really bring this guide to life. This reference encyclopedia is invaluable. It is expensive depending on where you shop. That means you don't have to work hard to understand the Bible better.