Are you thinking of ordering custom oil paintings? You have to choose your artist carefully. What are the different ways to find portrait painters? What are the important things to consider before choosing an artist?

The benefit of working with someone on location is that it is easier to communicate and ensures that the artist understands your needs appropriately. As long as you watch regularly as the artist paints, you have a better chance of providing input early on. You can find affordable painting artists via

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The downside, of course, can be the relatively high cost, depending on where you live. If you are in a large metropolitan area in North America or Europe, a painting can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to many tens of thousands of dollars.

The advantage of working with photos remotely is that it significantly increases the number of artists who can work on your project, including those who live far away in countries with lower salaries. This means you are more likely to find the best value for money than limiting yourself to artists in your geographic area.

Also, it may be easier to find a contractor who can start your project right away. If you work in the field, you may have to wait on a waiting list first. 

Make sure the artist you choose is willing to make unlimited changes to the image until you are completely satisfied. It is relatively easy to paint colors with oil paints so many changes can be made if needed.