Selecting the right 3D animation firm for your project is crucial to the success or success of your marketing campaign. There are some companies that are solely focused on architectural visualization or special effects work. The first thing to do is ensure that you locate a company that is best suited to your needs. 

Look for a company with an extensive track record or which has completed something similar to what you've got in your mind. This will ensure a reputable medical 3D animation company, and the second assures you that they've already had similar experiences before and will likely provide the same service to you.

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Check to see if the business has more staff in-house than freelancers. The company ultimately is responsible for their actions, however, you'd have wasted your time, and possibly missed an opportunity to impress your audience with your presentation or marketing strategy. Therefore, you could lose out, even if you do not have to spend money on the work in the end.

Learn what the company's pipeline is and what it looks like. Any animation company worthy of its reputation will be able to describe the pipeline and milestones that are logical and sensible. Find a business that responds quickly to phone and email calls. If the company has a long wait to answer calls and emails chances are that they're or are too busy, or can't be bothered to reply or aren't organized enough to reply. In either case, you need to leave and find the next company.