Rum-based cocktails are the best you can have while relaxing by the pool. If you like traditional recipes, you will need a blender to mix three tablespoons of mashed pineapple, three tablespoons of coconut cream, three ounces of light rum, and two cups of shaved ice. 

You need to stir at high speed until all the ingredients are combined, then serve in a high pina colada cocktail glass with a straw. You can check out the latest cocktail made with rum at for parties and other events.

To do this, you'll need ice, a Boston whisk, and about one and a half ounces of Nassau Royale liqueur, a slice of grenadine, a slice of Angostura, two ounces of orange juice, one and a half-ounce of golden rum. Two ounces of pineapple juice, and finally one ounce of coconut rum. Cover, shake, and pour into a tall or decorated cocktail glass.

Then you can garnish your glass with maraschino and pineapple cherries and top it with pineapple juice. If you want to get a tropical look, add an umbrella.

To do this, you'll need a blender to combine one ounce of fresh strawberries, one tablespoon of confectionery sugar, one ounce of lime juice, one ounce of light rum, and half an ounce of strawberry brandy. 

You can pour this mixture into a cocktail glass, garnish with whipped cream or fresh strawberries, or serve as you would in a large martini glass. Enjoy! Treat yourself and your friends to the perfect Pina Colada cocktail. Go with your rum-based cocktail.