Online college classes usually require a substantial amount of posting based on the subject of the class. Posting and responding to your online classmates is a very important part of your online classes. You can take best online chemistry classes via .

If you take a moment to first examine your syllabus it will tell you what percentage of your grade will account for your online posting. Quality online posting to your class assignment requires on-time posting, adequate use of at least one citation, using correct in-text citations. It is also important to post early enough to allow your classmates to be able to respond to your post. Usually your syllabus will tell you the requirements for responding.

Most classes require an initial post and two or more online responses to your classmates. Posting to your online college board can be instrumental in your online class experience. It is a great way of sharing knowledge and meeting new people. Your first assignment will usually be posting your personal introduction and responding to that of others. You will always be able to find some shared experience to communicate about.

Although many people do not feel that you can learn very much by posting and responding, I have found this to be one of the best methods of learning. Online posting and responding allows you to take a subject from your classmate's post and research it.