It's correct that technological progress is a double-edged sword and each new technologies driven solution or product on the marketplace has its pros and cons. 

However, if the companies see the beauty of advancement in tech and use it correctly it will help the company to grow. The fast and hassle free biometric attendance system helps the companies to let the employees in and out.  

And exit the time of every worker is recorded which diminishes the chance of proxy attendance. The biometric time attendance and access control solutions come with a promise to tackle the majority of the proxy associated problems in cards based presence system.


Some of the advantages are:

  • Whatever characteristics are selected, to be confirmed via a biometric scanner are special to a specific user and hence it is the ideal and preferred method of authorizing individuals in a rigorous security atmosphere.
  • It's impossible to replicate these features and therefore the chance of one stealing the user name and password has been ruled out in this situation making the machine more dependable than password-based access management alternatives.
  • The most apparent benefit is that there isn't any chance of proxy presence if this method is used, which has been otherwise very usual in a card-based presence system.
  • There no requirement for the consumers to carry attendance cards or remember passwords while utilizing a biometric system only your biometric records is verified.