Since World War II, governments have been accumulating a large amount of military equipment, the majority of which are tents for military use. This is the reason why the government sometimes sells excess military gear. 

Brand new and used tents are offered for auction or sale. Sometimes, distributors from third parties will purchase large quantities of tents and offer them as camping gear for the typical consumer. The most requested product from these distributors is tents. Since you can't camp without a tent. You can click, If you want to buy surplus tents.


These tents that are surplus are typically superior to commercial camping equipment available on the market. One reason is that they were designed for the military, which means you can be certain that the tents are not made of cheap materials.

They were built to take in the toughest weather conditions. Also, since they're on sale they are usually available at a much lower price. It's a high-quality product at a bargain price, the most attractive bargain a buyer could imagine.

But, not all of these tents are offered at the same level of quality. Of course, a majority of the stuff you find in third-party shops is inspected for conformity to the standards of the government, but there are stores that sell older tents at a less expensive cost. 

Finally, look at the fabric of the tent. It could be contaminated with mildew and mold as well which is why you must clean it thoroughly and take it dried. You'll be able to tell if it's clean when it isn't smelling any longer.