Storing precious metals is an important aspect of investment. It's not enough to have gold and silver. It is also important to protect your investment from damage and ensure safety.

Fortunately, you don't have to own a massive high-tech vault with an alarm system to store your bars or coins. When it comes to international gold coin storage it is essential to store your holdings in a country that can defend itself from external attack. Before buying gold, people always think about vaulting & security.

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Below are easy ways to safely store gold bullion and silver coins:

1. In a Bank Vault or Safety-Deposit Box

If storing your gold or silver in your home doesn't appeal to you, you may try using a safety-deposit box at your local bank, or the bank vault. 

Safety-deposit boxes come in various sizes and are relatively inexpensive (generally $50 to $200 per year depending on size). Also, you can rest easy knowing they are in a safe place. If available, a bank vault is even more secure.

2. In a Depository or Third-Party Storage Firm

You have the option of storing your precious metals in a depository or another third-party storage company.  Companies will store your bullion or coins in a safe and secure location for a minimal fee.

For many investors, especially those with significant holdings, third-party depositories are the most secure method of storing their gold and silver.