Buying books online is a trend these days because it's easy to do and most online stores offer books at lower prices than regular physical bookstores. One of the reasons why online books are cheaper is because online stores don't need to rent a large space to display their books. Your books are stored in a warehouse, which is much cheaper to rent than a first-class store in a mall.

Plus, there are no other costs like hiring a cashier, security guard, and damaged book fees from browsing. Therefore, books with such cost savings can be sold cheaper online. In general, customers can expect a 20-30% discount on normal bookstore prices. You can buy the best new fiction novel if you love to read different topics and novels.

Convenience is also an aspect of buying books online. When searching for a specific book, just type the title of the book in the search box and if the book is available online, it will be displayed on your monitor in seconds. 

Yes, of course, you can ask the staff, but it takes seconds what can be done online. In addition, visiting bookstores also costs your transportation and time. Even though online bookstores charge a shipping fee, most ignore this fee when you buy a book in minimum quantity or reach a certain value to buy a book.

As technology advances, buying books online has also become safer. Rest assured that your attempts to purchase books with PayPal will be safe. Alternatively, some online stores also offer cardless payment options such as bank transfers or check payments. Use this option if you are not sure that you entered your card details online.

Also, online book selection is usually better than at your local bookstore, as some online bookstores can direct your book orders to multiple vendors. Once they get a book from a supplier, they ship the book to you. In this way, online bookstores reduce the need for inventory while being able to provide you with multiple titles.

Book purchases are now accepted worldwide. However, you need to make sure the bookstore is reliable and trustworthy so that your book arrives on time and ready.