Komatsu is one of the world's largest manufacturers of excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, combine harvesters, motor graders and other mining and construction equipment. If you maintain your machine properly, you will maximize efficiency and productivity. By replacing filters, lubricants, coolants, hoses, batteries, etc. needed, you can continue to work with optimal efficiency.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of Komatsu Aftermarket Seal Kits which are available to minimize machine downtime while prioritizing your safety. It offers all the elements needed for almost every hydraulic seal and hydraulic cylinder seal. Big or small, we welcome national suppliers, wholesalers, MROs, OEMs, government agencies, workshops and retailers. 

Our products include high quality hydraulic seals. This includes wiper, stem seal, piston seal, wear ring, ring seal, replacement ring, U seal, stem seal, piston seal, wear ring, buffer seal, fan pack, retaining ring, ring, ring, damping seal, special seal, pneumatic seals and cylinder seal kits for after-sales service for fluid technology.

With a large online variety of high performance seals in thousands of sizes. Whether small or large diameter, low or high pressure, piston or rotary motion, dynamic or static sealing, the right product is available for your application.

We provide sealing solutions that meet every customer's needs across a wide range of industries including: Heavy Industry, Mining, Manufacturing, High Tech, Medical, Military, Precious Metals, Raw Material Extraction, Processing Equipment and many more.