Privacy Screens for hospital rooms are an essential part of a room, patient care area, examination room, or doctor's office. These screens are typically available in a three-leaf model with stainless steel and specially designed bacteriostatic materials between the frames  for proper privacy and practical hygiene for hospital wards.

Collapsible non-magnetic privacy screens for hospital rooms are made of anodized aluminum so as not to interfere with imaging equipment but still provide a permanent private partition for patients.

Panel privacy screens are also available as space-saving devices for hospital rooms, which are ideal for use in treatment areas or for creating patient changing areas. This type of panel allows for many different configurations, making it ideal for use as a stand-alone privacy screen in a hospital room or in conjunction with other panel displays.

They are made of an aluminum frame with fire retardant vinyl blinds which provide complete privacy, but can also be easily moved and adjusted if necessary. 

The plate set is mounted on the stand, which makes the plate strong and eliminates the problem of rolling over when bumping or pushing. 

Not all privacy screens for hospital rooms are made of aluminum tubing; There is also a very lightweight version of PVC plastic pipe.  These hospital room privacy screens are usually on wheels for easy portability and convenient folding.