Organic baby clothing is a growing market and should be considered when starting a wholesale business. These clothes are becoming more popular among young-minded parents who care about the well-being of their babies and the environment. 

This is a popular trend in eco-friendly clothing. It's definitely worth adding to your inventory. 

What is organic clothing?

Organic baby clothes are made from natural resources. The most popular is organic cotton. Cotton is the most widely used fabric for making all kinds of clothes. You can also find organic cotton baby clothes via 

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However, it is subject to a lot of pesticides and agricultural chemicals when it is grown. Then, clothing is made with additional toxic chemicals. The fabric's toxic chemicals can cause skin and respiratory problems as well as allergic reactions.

Organic cotton is made naturally. There are no pesticides, dyes, or harmful chemicals used in the production of organic clothing. It is also extremely soft and comfortable, making it ideal for babies with sensitive skin.

What should you look for?

Always verify the label- Ensure it says 100% organic cotton or certified material. Avoid mixing organic with synthetic materials such as polyester. Sometimes it will just say organic on one side or the other, but the label must be visible to verify it is an authentic organic garment.

The dye should be checked- It should not contain any chemical components. This would make organic clothing unusable. Instead, it should be an herbal-based or plant dye. Make sure the logo inks you use are water-based/pigment inks and not PVC inks that can be toxic.

Fabric- Organic clothing is much more comfortable, flexible, and durable than regular clothing. Organic clothing will look more natural than synthetic clothing.