Spanish Ham is truly a delicious delicacy that people love for its unmoved appeal to the tongue of humans. Even though it was celebrated since the time that it was first introduced into the Roman Empire was established, its flavor is still so unique that the majority of people who have tried it, will definitely want more.

Jamon Serrano, hams made from pigs that were raised in areas of high elevation is considered to be an extremely adored type currently available.  You can also click this link to get the best Spanish ham.

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Even though it takes a long time to get the desired flavor, however, the process of waiting is definitely worth the makers' patience as it will definitely impress anyone.

The rolling Landrace White Pig over salt is an essential element to making the flavor of Jamon Serrano awe-inspiring. Then it must be kept for a specific amount of time in order to make the salt absorb completely by the animal, and then to transform its fats into beneficial ingredients. 

Jamon Iberico however can be described as the Spanish Ham created from Pata Negra Iberico pig carcass. If you're very particular about what animals eat before they were slaughtered in the first place, this is the meat that will please you the most.