To make your event special, you need to know what little details should be added to make it unusual. Whether you're looking for a special evening wedding event or something to wow guests by day, you'll find that tent rental products will make or break your search for the perfect setting.

The first thing to look for when renting a tent is the tent liner which is becoming very popular in the tent rental industry. They cover the aluminum and ceiling of the tent and give the whole structure an elegant look.

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Many types of disguises can be used for various occasions such as pre-lighting panels, pleated panels, or colored panels. Choosing curtains with your liner will completely change the look of your marquee.

Another accessory that may be needed in very hot or cold weather is an air conditioner. A strong heating and air-conditioning system are required to ensure comfortable temperatures throughout the tent.

Perhaps the best recommendation for tent accessories right now is lighting. Light can change the mood for something dramatic no matter what time of day, or it can set the mood for an elegant setting.

Lighting has become very high-tech these days. Many tent rental companies offer LED tent lighting. LED means which can emit different colors with lower power consumption but very high brightness levels.