The humble truffle is a delicacy that has garnered itself a reputation as one of the most delicious foods on earth. But with its heavenly taste comes a hefty price. While not commercially available in most countries, this heavenly treat can be found in New Zealand, where the soil and climate provide perfect conditions for the growth and development of this succulent.

The truffle is named after the French who first mentioned the substance back in 1630. Known as "Maison de cuisine" (food of the house), it was a popular delicacy amongst the French royalty. When first introduced to the wider world, the humble black truffle sea salt taste like no other.

While the rich smell of this particular mineral is unmistakable, its actual taste is a mystery. A popular method of including truffle salt into many of today's favorite dishes involves the use of a triple secondary salt. This is a very expensive option that is only recommended for use by those who can afford to pay the exorbitant price tag. For the average consumer, however, the use of this type of salt is limited to the master chefs and the more elite classes of restaurants. While well-known for its distinctive taste, this favorite of royalty is also used in countless other settings due to its versatility.

For centuries, truffle salt has been used to give the maximum amount of flavor to any dish, no matter how simple or complicated. On a culinary level, it is used as a means of achieving the highest levels of flavoring by adding a high concentration of minerals and iron into the food that will intensify the natural aroma that already comes from it. From this high level of intensity, the aroma that is created is also noticeably amplified. For this reason, many people consider truffle salt to be an ideal addition to many popular dishes.

For example, one of the most commonly used types of truffle salt is black truffle salt. This is a form of oregano that has been grown in the Mediterranean region. The dark coloration of this mineral gives it a unique appearance that works well with just about any type of dish. In fact, it is this versatility that makes this a very popular finishing salt. It works great with seafood, meat, cheeses, red meats, poultry, vegetables, and much more.

Another form of truffle salt is white truffle salt. Unlike the black variety, this form does not have a lot of the distinctive odor of the oregano variety. However, it still does provide a rich, intense aroma that works well with any type of food you may want to prepare. These salts are often used to provide a background for other ingredients. For example, they can be combined with butter and cream cheese for a delicious recipe.

A third popular form is the champagne truffle salt. This is made from Champagne or white wine. This form of salt is great for salty snacks and seafood, but is also perfect for using with your favorite dishes, whether they are meat seafood, cheese, or vegetables.

You can also make a great gift by combining truffle salt with popcorn. For example, you can make a great recipe by combining some sea salt with some popcorn kernels. Then, heat up your microwave and add the mixture to some uncooked popcorn. When the mixture begins to boil, allow it to boil for approximately 2 minutes. When the popcorn is done, simply grab your spoon, turn the entire mixture over, and serve right from the microwave.