Many companies are turning to the cloud for their infrastructure requirements as they expand their enterprise applications. It can be difficult to find the right service provider, as there are so many options. 

This list includes the most trusted cloud computing service providers that have been able to remain strong contenders in this rapidly growing market.

Amazon Web Services- Amazon is a long-standing leader in cloud computing. They offer a range of tools that allow companies to have scalable and affordable computing services. The Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as EC2, allows users to create virtual machines and run the software they choose on a per-need basis. 

Google App Engine- Google is a major player in Internet tech and has now joined the ranks of cloud computing providers by offering its Google App Engine platform. This service allows web developers and hosts to make use of Google's data centers and infrastructure. 

Microsoft Azure- Microsoft's answer for cloud computing. The platform allows developers to use Microsoft infrastructure and data centers for developing, hosting, and running web applications. Azure offers a full range of services, including cloud computing, scalable storage, database functionality, and a content delivery system.

Rackspace-  This company is the market leader in cloud-based web hosting. Customers can access their server and on-demand services quickly without having to invest in hardware. Customers pay per hour for server usage and can add or remove server instances as needed.