What is the ideal age to bring your child to see an orthodontist? There's a lot of disagreement among professionals in orthodontics regarding early intervention. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children consult an orthodontist before the age of seven, even though each person's needs determine the most appropriate moment to start treatment.

When a child is beginning to lose their baby teeth, and the adult teeth are beginning to show signs of growing in, it's time to seek a consult with a children’s orthodontist near you. Many orthodontic problems are easier to fix if they are treated earlier than when jaw development has decreased. 

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While most children do not receive braces until the age of 11-15. There are occasions when children younger than 11 have received braces earlier to benefit from an unnatural jaw where an over or underbite is present.

If your family dentist suggests an orthodontic exam, it could be necessary prior to age seven.

Helping with speech therapy is a motive to recommend earlier intervention as well as aiding with the treatment of thumb sucking, pacifiers tongue thrusts, and mouth breathing.

By using an x-ray that is panoramic. Your orthodontist will usually determine whether or not there is room for permanent adult teeth.

The earlier treatment may be initiated at this point if the orthodontist decides that there isn't enough room for permanent teeth. Jaw-expanding appliances or earlier elimination of the deciduous tooth could be an element of the earlier treatment.

The possibility of permanent teeth coming into alignment is significantly increased with this technique, which minimizes the requirement for further orthodontic treatment or subsequent extractions.

An orthodontist can determine the best time to begin treatment once the adult teeth start to develop. If more development is required, the doctor will usually ask the child to return in about a year to determine which type of treatment, if any, will be required.