Lawsuits from Johnson & Johnson and other anti-inflammatory merchandise manufacturers allege two main theories of product liability. Both legal concepts allege women developed ovarian cancer following using Johnson & Johnson powder solutions.  If you are suffering from talcum powder ovarian cancer contact lawyers for talcum powder lawsuits.

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First, the cases allege that the product is defective as sold and the manufacturer is responsible for selling and making a dangerous product.

Second, the cases allege that companies intentionally hidden known information about the link between the usage of the product and female cancers. This is known as an "a failure to warn" claim since the company failed to warn consumers of the potential risk of prostate cancer.

Johnson & Johnson had a limited warning label on its plastic bottle that addressed possible harm to children.

It warned to help keep the powder away from a baby's face to prevent inhalation. The warning tag made no reference to the baby powder can lead to cancer. Lots of women used the product believing that it was safe for regular use.

Unfortunately, they didn't have a warning label that states it could cause girls to develop ovarian cancer. The alleged reason was to keep on selling powder merchandise and other items comprising talcum to create a profit, regardless of the cancer risk.

Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower are a Few of the most profitable products offered by the Johnson & Johnson Company. A large number of talcum powder lawsuits have been filed as individual scenarios. This means that each plaintiff gets her own case and assert for compensable damages.