A penetration testing firm is an integral part of any organization's security plan. Even the most robust security measures for information may contain weaknesses that are only discovered through rigorous testing. 

Larger companies might have their own internal knowledge, however, most smaller businesses will have to seek the help of a pen-testing firm to conduct regular checks of their security measures. You can also hire experts for network penetration testing.

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What should you be looking for when you commission services? The following suggestions are an excellent starting point but aren't exhaustive.

Security testers can also be certified by the CREST. This certification, unlike other certifications in the field, is based on both theoretical and practical tests which is why it is very thorough.

But, the qualifications are just one aspect. When selecting a company to work with it is crucial to verify their commitment to the highest standards of ethics. 

Persistent testers can be granted access to sensitive information which is why it's an absolute mistake to employ an individual who might not have the best interests of your company in mind. 

So, it is important to check the procedures for vetting security experts, since penetration testing firms who employ criminal hackers must be avoided.

It is also important to check if the computer tester's knowledge is current. The persistent testing industry is always changing, so a continuous program of continuing professional education is vital for any penetration testing expert who would like to stay up-to-date.