Potholes are common in cities, but they can be dangerous. Learn what to do in case you get into a pothole accident and how to avoid it!

What are the different types of potholes?

Potholes are depressions in the road caused by damage to the pavement surface. There are three main types of potholes: structural, pavement, and combined. You can also get a pothole repair service at https://www.ezstreetasphalt.com.au/.

Structural potholes are caused by underground infrastructures such as water pipes or sewers, while pavement potholes are caused by damage to the asphalt surface. Combined potholes are a combination of both types.

How do potholes form?

Potholes form when rain and snow melt combined with traffic and street maintenance activities causing water to seep into the surrounding soil. The ground becomes saturated, and then the weight of cars and trucks breaking through the surface causes more water to flow in. 

Over time, this moisture can compact the soil beneath the pothole, making it even harder for water to seep out and creating a sinkhole.

When should I worry about my car getting hit by a pothole?

When should you be concerned about your car getting hit by a pothole? Generally, when there is visible damage to the car. Damage can include a bent wheel, scratched paint, or even a broken window. Potholes can also cause structural damage if they’re in an area where the car suspension and frame are weak. So, it’s always important to be vigilant when driving around these bumps in the road.