That's the real question you have to ask yourself. Why are you even taking this course? If you are reading this article then I will assume that you are not taking this course for fun or recreation.

Instead, you are probably required to complete this course for your major, or perhaps to apply to a graduate program such as pharmacology, medical, dental, or similar schools. If you want to learn chemistry then your Welcome to Twig Learning Center.

These schools will calculate your entire GPA, but they will also focus heavily on organic chemistry. They will look at how you did in the course, not only to see what grade you achieved but also as an indicator of whether or not you will be capable of handling the heavy graduate workload if they do choose to accept you into their program.

Doing well in ochem will determine if you will be accepted into the school of your choice, and perhaps even help determine if you are eligible for a special scholarship to help counter the cost of your continuing education.

Looking at the numbers long term

When you review these numbers from a long term perspective, the cost of a tutor is suddenly not as expensive as you imagined. If a tutor can help make the difference between a B- to an A-, or even from a C+ to a B+, is that not something worth investing in?

But this argument applies only to those who ARE capable of studying and passing the course on their own.

Most people find the material so difficult and overwhelming, that without outside help they actually risk failing the course on their own.